Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Releases - Week Of August 6th

Starring: Will Ferrell, Mark Whalberg, Eva Mendes , Michael Keaton,
Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson
Directed by Adam McKay for distribution by Columbia Pictures
The Plot: Two mismatched and socially awkward NYPD cops (Ferrell & Whalberg) are given the chance to emulate their idols (Jackson & Johnson), when they get assigned a case nobody else wants. Although when their seemingly bland assignment blows up into something big, the pair get a shot at the big time. Unfortunately for them, the big time is shooting right back.

The Final Word:
Will Ferrell’s last real solid hit was an arguably a while ago, although he still consistently pulls in money at the box office (we’ll just forget “Land of the Lost” ever happen.) Although his odds for success, do tend to increase tenfold when he teams up with friend and director Adam McKay. The pair has worked together on a number of high grossing films and with a solid group of co-stars, he could find himself headlining another hit.

Starring: Adam Sevani, Alyson Stoner, Rick Malambri,
Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Sharni Vinson
Directed by Jon M. Chu for distribution by Touchstone Pictures (Disney)


The Plot: A tight-knit group of street dancers find themselves pitted against the world's best break dancers.

The Final Word:
The original “Step Up,” was the definition of a sleeper hit. Made for $12 million, the movie made $20 in its opening weekend and launched the career of Channing Tatum. Now as the film franchise returns to theatres, this time it will do so in the third dimension. The obvious question is if it was really necessary to it in 3D. At first glance, the answer is no, but the series is known for its great dance numbers and having them come alive right before you may just silence a few critics. Although, it could also end up being a novelty that gets tiring halfway in.

Starring: Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, James Cann, Gabriel Macht, Kelsey Grammer
Directed by George Gallo for distribution by Paramount Vantage

The Plot:
Set in 1995, before the World Wide Web was what it is today, the movie follows the early origins of the Internet and how one man (Wilson) revolutionized the business world as a result.

The Final Word:
The film is inspired by actual events and specifically spotlights how turning the net into a mecca for porn was an easy way to make a fortune. It also chronicles the perils and pitfalls that came as a result. While it may not seem like a summer movie, it does enter the box office as great counter-programming to the comedic “Other Guys” and the summer popcorn teen flick “Step Up 3D.” I doubt it will make a lot of money opening weekend, but Paramount is probably banking on its real success coming during award season.

Previewed next week: Eat, Pray, Love,  The Expendables & Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.