Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Releases - Week of October 29th

Starring: Tobin Bell, Cary Elwes, Costa Madylor, Betsy Russell & Sean Patrick Flanery,
Directed by Kevin Greutert for distribution by Lionsgate

The Plot: The sadistic “Jigsaw” legacy takes a startling new turn when a group of his surviving victims’ team up with a self-help guru (and survivor himself) whose own secrets set the stage for another series of deadly games.
The Final Word: Lionsgate has been milking this franchise for years and swears this is the last time they will go to the well, although with how successful the series has been, who can blame them if they change their minds again? Either way, the studio is promising the movie will go out with a bang as it will be the first film in the franchise to be shot in 3D. Unlike many other films recently released, Lionsgate is taking the time to do this right and instead of converting the film, they shot it in 3D using a specially designed new camera, which means the audiences will truly feel a new type of horror in theatres everywhere.

Previewed next week: Megamind, Due Date, For Colored Girls, 127 Hours