Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Releases - Week of December 17th

Starring: Resse Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd & Jack Nicholson
Directed by James L. Brooks for distribution by Columbia (Sony)

The Plot: A former athlete (Witherspoon) find herself in a love triangle with her professional baseball playing boyfriend (Wilson) and a troubled executive about to be indicted (Rudd).
The Final Word: This type of light romantic comedy plays well during the holidays and it doesn’t hurt that the last time Nicholson (who plays Rudd’s father) teamed up with Brooks, he won an Oscar and the film racked up seven nominations. This time out could net a similar haul as Brooks is still a force in the industry and his young comedic cast has a strong following.

Starring: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde
Bruce Boxleitner, James Frain, Beau Garrett & Michael Sheen
Directed by Joseph Kosinski for distribution by Walt Disney Pictures

The Plot: The son (Hedlund) of a computer programming genius (Bridges) is reunited with father after becoming trapped in the same digital cyber world that enslaved his father nearly two decades ago.
The Final Word: While the movie will pick up the story twenty years after the last one ended, it has actually been close to thirty years since the original “TRON” was released. Disney’s cult classic unspooled for the first time in 1982 and fans have been clamoring for a sequel every since. Despite the long delay, Disney is doing everything right in re-launching this popular franchise, including making this installment in 3D.

Starring: Dan Aykroyd (voice), Justin Timberlake (voice),
Tom Cavanagh, Anna Faris & Andy Daly
Directed by Eric Brevig for distribution by Warner Brothers

The Plot: When it looks like their beloved Jellystone park will be closing down, Yogi and Boo Boo (voiced by Aykroyd and Timberlake) team up with Ranger Smith (Cavanagh) to save the day.
The Final Word: The popular cartoon bear gets the big screen (and for no apparent reason 3D) treatment. After the success of a big screen and live-action “Alvin & The Chipmunks,” it seemed like a no-brainer to bring Yogi and Boo Book to your local Cineplex.  This movie looks poised to have a similar level of success.

Previewed next week: Gulliver's Travels, Little Fockers & True Grit